How it works

Here are the steps to complete your project once your order is confirmed with us. 

1) Niche Selection:

In this step, we'll discuss the trending niches and decide which one to go with. You can also share the one you are interested to go with.

2) Store Name Selection:

We'll assist you with store name selection for your Niche store or we are also good to go with the proposed name if any. We'll also assist you to acquire a domain name and create a branded email.

3) Logo Design:

We'll design a custom exclusive logo for your store or let you provide the logo design of your choice for your Niche store.

4) Store Creation & Backend Setup:

We'll create the store with all the backend settings that include general, checkout, shipping, etc. As well as the creation of static information, necessary collections, and menu navigation.

5) Supplier Integration:

We'll integrate the supplier in the store and configure all the relevant settings accordingly for automation purposes.

6) Product Selection & Import:

We'll choose the winning products in the selected niche and import them against the relevant collections. (Time taking process)

7) Design Layout & Development:

This is one of the creative parts of the store development. We'll design the storefront uploading the required contents in the store including the banner, images, etc.

8) Application Integration: (On Demand)

We'll integrate the necessary apps on demand in the store to serve multiple purposes that include Sales Popup, Trust Badges, Order Tracking, and Klaviyo for E-mail Marketing Automation.

9) Final Testing & Delivery:

We'll perform testing of the store and then publish the theme to make it live and finally submission of the order delivery along with all the informational and supported documents.