Order Process

Our Process is Simple, Effective, Agile and Cleaned from years of Shopify Store Development Experience.


We use a very clear order process which is based on a simple step. You pick one of our services and complete the payment method with the secure payment gateway. After making the payment, you will submit the requirement and the order process will begin. For details about how it works after the order is successfully placed, please Click Here.


Once we are done with the store design and development, we will delivery the order along with all the necessary and supportive documents which have the information related to your store. Once you accept the order delivery, we will transfer you the store ownership instantly.


After the order completion, you will be asked to provide the email id where you want us to transfer the store ownership. Please read the steps given below for your better understanding.

Step No.1: We will send you the staff account invitation on the given email id. You have to check your e-mail, accept the staff account invitation, and let us know.

Step No.2: Once you become a staff member, we will transfer the store ownership request to the staff account. You have to accept the ownership request while selecting a basic Shopify plan of $39/-. And you will be the new owner right away 😃

Important Note: Once the store ownership is transferred from our end to your staff account the store will remain paused until you complete the ownership step no 2. It takes hardly a few minutes.